About Heather

Heather Jackson ~ Heather Zigdon

My intuition to help others in their healing process has been an innate quality since I was a young girl. Luckily, my passion for healing myself and others along with my life experiences have come together to birth Finding Home Within. I’ve learned to encompass a wide range of elements including the power of friendly gesture, inclusiveness, the ability to listen and be heard, plant medicine, touch, sound, ceremony, music, dance and movement. I also help my clients tune into the rhythms of nature with all of its’ sensory information.

After graduating with honors from the Northwest School of Massage in 2001 I began to recognize and trust the realization that there are deeper emotional patterns that embed themselves into our physical tissues. This drew me to study the different modalities of healing that began to build, or you could say, rebuild my own personal dance between physical, mental, spiritual health and well being. My studies and training in yoga (500hr), and the practice of yoga philosophy, pranayama and asana and my continuing studies here and abroad have also woven yet another layer of health into my practice and thus to my clients.

I completed my studies at one of the top schools in the nation, Colorado School Of Clinical Herbalism, with certificates in Clinical Herbalism and Clinical Nutrition. I worked out of the Evergreen Clinic as a clinician and a student in a peer reviewed setting, in this time I also reviewed hundred of clinician/client cases. I now work out of my own clinic in Boulder and periodically give classes in the area.

I am currently working with those seeking body work (see services for body work details and modalities), Clinical Herbalism and Nutrition as well as Yoga. I serve to meet the unique you where you are at today in order to find the health that inspires you.

Touch, Herbalism and mind-body-spirit balance is an innate wisdom that we all deserve to experience in this lifetime. It is what we all need in order to truly come back home. Finding our home within is where we begin our journey to our own inner work.

My personal journeys have led me back to my home town of Boulder where I live amongst the matriarchs of my family including my mother, aunt and grandmother as well as my husband Ravid and dog child Nauru. I am blessed to weave my practices and modalities amongst the beautiful communities of herbalist gurus, clients, and the many tribes that I call friends.

May All Beings Be Happy