~ Testimonials ~

  • I am so happy to recommend Heather. She has been a lifesaver! I experienced a traumatic brain injury five years ago. While I have almost fully recovered, I still have residual vestibular and visual dysfunction which can cause dizziness and other side effects. Heather’s Cranial Sacral work and expertise have made all the difference for me. Often, I’ve come to her for a session with dizziness or fogginess – and have left feeling more grounded and clearheaded. At the beginning of each session, she checks in, assesses current symptoms and asks about changes since the previous visit. She listens, gives feedback, and offers alternative strategies for after-care – flower essences, tinctures, dietary/herbal suggestions. In addition her expertise, I truly appreciate her kindness, gentleness, and intuition. I have been to several Cranial Sacral specialists over the years. Heather is the best of the best!
  • “My occupation as a garden builder, and injuries associated with running and cycling, have taken me to countless massage therapists over the last 20 years. Some have been strong, some intuitive, some have become friends. But until I found Heather I’d never found my perfect healing partner. Beyond her strength, intuition, and technical expertise, she works with various systems and dimensions of my Self, always seeking ways to truly help me be healthier. If you are like me, and are looking for a kind-hearted, intellectually curious, talented bodyworker who will probably surprise you with her breadth of knowledge about the human body, Heather is for you. And if you are like me, and prefer a massage environment with real focus, and little socializing and chatting during the session, and no obligatory music, Heather is for you. I am lucky enough to see her on a weekly basis and my body actually craves her. Regardless of the mood I arrive in, I always leave feeling better about myself, and the world around me. She’s pretty magical, and has a lovely, welcoming presence, but if she couldn’t dig in and work hard on my musculature, it wouldn’t keep me coming back. And I do.”                ~ Adam
  • “Whether practicing yoga under Heather’s teaching or receiving the healing touch of her bodywork/massage, I am continuously impressed by her depth of knowledge and breadth of passionate commitment.  She is one of those rare health and wellness practitioners who walks her talk and givers herself 110% to her clients.  My appreciation for her wise and gentle guidance increases the longer that I work with her on these 2 paths.  Heather’s healing hands and intimate understanding of the body’s needs have released some of my longstanding back and neck issues.  It’s been a pleasure and a joy to collaborate with her on my healing journey.”   ~ Kate
  • “Heather Jackson is a healer in the truest form. As a nutrition/herbal client of hers, I was welcomed with an open heart and an attentive ear. She was dedicated to my healing journey and frequently reached out for updates and to share her thoughts, showing her genuine care. She always spoke from a place of support and offered creative new ideas to accommodate my needs. If you are looking for a dedicated healer, Heather Jackson will go above-and-beyond your expectations as your guiding light through your personal journey.”-Jess S
  • “I have been eating a primarily vegetarian diet since I was around 3 years old. I wanted to make sure my diet was complete and optimal for energy and vitality. Heather was the obvious choice! She inspired me with creative new recipes and taught me about important nutrients that are simple to include in my daily diet.In a nutritional landscape that sees plant-based as a (harmful) fad, I am grateful to have Heather as an informed advocate! (or informed educator). I was also seeking cranio-sacral therapy to address chronic discomfort in my back, and a desire to address head injuries I have experienced throughout my life as a snowboarder and skateboarder. Heather works with the energetic and psychic aspects, not solely the physical, through working with Heather she helped my body return to wholeness. I was able to find a balance again between the 2 hemispheres of my body as well as find a inner calm that had escaped me through the years of injury and life stimulus. Heather created a safe and inquisitive space where I could learn how to focus my awareness on the energy moving through my body during sessions. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to heal from head trauma through cranial sacral therapies.”   Kelly
  • I wholeheartedly endorse Heather Marie in her dedication to integrated bodywork. I have been working with her for over two years and continue to be impressed and delighted by her in every way. Aside from her strong intuitive sense of the body and energy flow, she has proactively researched health options for all my health concerns. (I was diagnosed with lupus after about a year of working with Heather.) She provided valuable information that none of my others health providers offered on nutrition, herbal supplements and essential oils. I have felt that Heather was really my partner in my quest for health and wellness. This powerful bond has been a blessing.Heather is hardworking, extremely skilled and yes, very gifted. Her intellectual curiosity, anatomical awareness, dietary/ nutritional expertise and her proficiency in herbal healing all fortify her integrated approach in assisting her clients. This holistic and integrated approach offers a valuable resource for systemic concerns (autoimmune issues) as well as anatomical relief for injuries. Heather has also played a key role in my recovery after recently breaking my humerus. Again, she has gone above and beyond the call of duty to educate herself (and me!) about ancillary efforts to heal and strengthen my skeletal system.I continue to depend on Heather for her remarkable expertise and amazing emotional attunement. Her work is a gift and she is a truly a jewel.     ~ Ellen Feeney
  • I’ve known Heather for years. She is fantastic. She helped me recover from a broken arm with nutritional and massage therapy. In addition, I had a hip replaced in February 15 and she accelerated my recover via, nutrition, yoga and massage. I was fully recovered in less than 90 days – back on my Mtn bike by May 1. Heather is amazing.      ~ Ashley