What is Theta Healing?

Theta is a guided experience to help you release old patterns, reprogram belief systems and/or old habits that are not serving you.

The Theta brainwave state is one where the deep subconscious can be rewired while you are completely coherent and participatory.

Belief systems live in many fields of existence. For example we can have a belief system that manifested in this very life time, while others have been unconsciously inherited from generations of family before us. Cellular and past life healing is also possible through the Theta healing technique.

All that is required is your genuine desire to want to heal, you are a intrinsic part of your healing process!

Feel more alive, joyful, light, confident, courageous, healthy…

You are the key to your evolution of joy and I would be honored to help guide you there.

Link to the official Theta healing website: https://www.thetahealing.com/about-thetahealing/thetahealing-theta-state.html

Sessions are effective in person or long distance (phone or zoom)

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Sessions are very specific to the individual. As many of us have learned in life, one size does not fit all.

It depends on what your personal focus is and how that unravels in our session. Nothing is forced, it is an organic and nourishing process. Therefor, after one session we will get a better idea of what you will need.

How much time will it take?

I ask that you set aside 2 hours for our session, although they may be only 45-1hr. 2 hours allows for no rush incase anything comes up that needs more time to be worked through. In my experience of giving and receiving sessions I never want to cut off a session before it is organically finished, therefor I ask for 2 hours as a safety net. Often 1-1.5hrs is actual time.

I only charge for the amount of time taken in session.

$80 – $130/hr

Sliding Scale ALWAYS offered to those in need

Free 10min phone consults available